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German observation and reconnaissance biplane designed in 1917, this particular example (one of the last three originals in the world) was probably never operational but was used by a civilian air transport company in Danzig. Rebuilt with components from other LVGs stored at the Evere airfield, it entered the museum’s collection in 1925 and was suspended from the ceiling of the 1914-18 hall until 1970, when it was transferred to the mezzanine of the newly created Air Museum. After an initial but unsuccessful attempt to restore it in the mid-nineties, work was resumed in 2000 by a second team which have been advancing the project with in-depth work that should ensure the sustainability of the LVG for decades to come. The engine is complete and is on display on the mezzanine. The fuselage will soon be completed in the workshop and the wings await their doped linen covering.


Renard R-31

Fairchild C-119