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The interior of the C-119, which for several years was closed to the public for reasons of safety and preservation, has recently been made accessible to visitors again. In the Brussels Air Museum Fairchild C-119, a protected visitor corridor has been fitted out as a space exhibiting photos, mannequins and objects recalling the missions carried out using the Fairchild C-119 – alias Flying Boxcar – which served in the 15th Wing of Melsbroek from 1952 to 1973 for the transport of troops, material as well as for humanitarian missions.

The team of volunteers from the AELR association recognized for its competence in the reconditioning of old aircraft, in collaboration with companies specializing in the most advanced technical methods, have successfully completed this project.

From now on, the longer-term preservation of the C-119 of the Brussels Air Museum is assured.


Voisin LA-5

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